• Expand citywide ferry service, introducing larger vessels, identifying more local stops and integrating with the mass transit system.
  • Strongly oppose the plan for Select Bus Service on Cross Bay and Woodhaven boulevards, which creates more congestion by removing traffic lanes and causes safety issues by forcing bus riders into the median.
  • Work with partners across all levels of government to build the QueensRail, reducing commutes to and from midtown Manhattan by up to 45 minutes for the working men and women in our district.
  • Advocate for removal of the Cross Bay Bridge toll, the only intraborough fee in the city, which unjustly divides Queens and stifles economic growth.
  • Support innovative “big ideas” such as smart traffic lights to help us reach our destinations faster and help the environment by reducing engine idling.
Local Control
  • Stop the warehousing of homeless families without input from local leaders, particularly in areas where the infrastructure cannot accommodate them.
  • Before a controversial facility can be established in a neighborhood, notice and the opportunity for a public hearing must be provided.
  • Require the city to consider input from community boards. If their advice on a matter of local concern will not be followed, a formal letter explaining reasons why must be supplied.
  • Improve Participatory Budgeting by ensuring projects the neighborhood wants are fully vetted and can be completed prior to their appearance on the ballot.
Build It Back
  • Formally investigate the disastrous Build It Back program, which has caused turmoil in our communities and wasted taxpayer money with unacceptable results.
  • Support a qualitative approach to education. Rather than incentivizing “teaching to the test” to meet Common Core or other standards, help teachers meet the unique needs of their individual classes.
  • Add more civics classes to the curriculum, emphasizing the importance of voting in local elections and what it means to be a citizen, encouraging public service.
  • Increase funding and access for after-school programs to give our kids something fun and productive to do after their classes let out.
Quality of Life
  • Aggressively monitor locations of potholes, unpaved roads and graffiti and see that these issues are swiftly remedied.
  • Work with and support local NYPD officers to ensure successful community relations with the residents of our unique neighborhoods.
  • Make sure every police car in New York City is outfitted with bulletproof glass.
  • Support treatment rather than incarceration for first time non-violent drug offenders.
Small Business
  • Work with small business partners to identify ways we can help them prosper, such as by removing red tape and creating greater tax incentives.
  • Establish robust local hiring goals for major projects in contracts with the city.
  • Support our veterans by conducting more outreach via the Department of Veterans’ Services, including ensuring non-combat women veterans are provided resources available to them.
  • Work with partners in state government on reciprocity so that veterans licensed to professions out of state can begin practicing here.